Speaker Spotlight: Doug Logan, Jr.

Todd Rains
December 9, 2020

Dr. Doug Logan, Jr. serves as the President of Grimké Seminary in Richmond, Virginia, where he also serves as the Dean of the Grimké School of Urban Ministry. He is the Associate Director of Acts 29. He also serves as the Pastor for Church Planting at Remnant Church in Richmond, Virginia. Doug coaches several urban church planters primarily across the United States. Preaching across the world, he also trains church planters and consults churches on developing diverse pastoral leadership teams and churches.Doug has earned his Master’s Degree in Church Planting and received a Doctorate of Divinity Degree at Lancaster Bible College in Pennsylvania where he serves on the Corporation Board. Doug is President and Founder of the On the Block Collective, an urban ministry resource collaborative. He is the author of On the Block: Developing a Biblical Picture for Missional Engagement. Doug and his wife, Angel, have been married since 1996 and have three adult sons and three grandchildren.NEU Church Planting is also happy to announce that Doug Logan is joining our Board of Directors.Doug will be speaking at our February Conference: Urban Hope on "Theology as Hope for the Inner City."

Learn from Doug

Beyond his book, a good introduction to Doug's other writings would be this article on Acts 29: "Why the Church Needs a Family Reunion."Here is a key section from the article:

Statistics can’t come before shepherding in the church. People are hurting. Shepherding takes into consideration the unrecorded statistics: the put-downs, accusations, false arrests, past trauma, physical violence, and obscene comments that people of color across our nation deal with regularly. These are the undocumented wounds. We need to listen to the cries of our family and weep with those who weep. If your sister is grieving a stillborn baby, you wouldn’t dream of telling her that her loss is statistically rare so she should get over it and move on. We are painfully missing the point if we tell Black people fearful of police brutality that they shouldn’t be scared, or exhausted police that they have no right to feel worn down.  Our words should resonate with kindness. Times are hard, but we’re on the same team and running for the same prize. A loving family listens gently and comforts the hurting.

We need to not give in to the temptation to distance ourselves from the real pain of our neighbors by talking about statistics and generalities.To keep learning from Doug, come hear him speak at Urban Hope: How Gospel Churches Bring New Hope to Forgotten Neighborhoods. Register by December 31st to get a $10 discount.

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