What We Believe

Our Theological Confession

The Bible is the inspired Word of God, without error in its original form, the complete revelation of His will for the salvation of all people and the final authority in all it affirms.

God has existed from all eternity as the Trinity. He is three persons, one essence, perfect, unchangeable. The creation, preservation and governance of all things are a matter of divine will and activity.

Jesus Christ is fully God and fully man, indivisible; eternal, not created; born of the Virgin Mary; the second person of the Trinity. Having lived a sinless life, He died on the cross as a sacrifice for our sins. He rose from the dead, ascended into heaven, acts as our mediator and will judge all humanity.

The Holy Spirit is fully God and seeks to glorify Jesus Christ. His work is to convict people of sin, regenerate the believing sinner and to reside in, guide, teach and give gifts and power to Christians for godly living and service.

The first man and woman were Adam and Eve, created in the image of God, as are all people. Adam and Eve sinned against God, imparting to the entire human race a sinful nature, corrupt in all its parts. Salvation from sin is by God’s grace, through faith, which is necessarily demonstrated in good works.

The only basis of salvation is Christ’s perfect life, His substitutionary, sacrificial death, and His resurrection.

The true church is comprised of all those who have exercised saving faith in Christ and are regenerated by the Holy Spirit. Members of the true church are also expected to be members in a local church and should actively serve in that church, as gifted by the Holy Spirit. Jesus Christ is the head of the church; it should be led by those who qualify for leadership according to the requirements of overseers.

The personal return of Christ is imminent and has a profound bearing on our lives in this present age. There will a bodily resurrection of the dead – believers will be resurrected to eternal blessedness and joy with the Lord unbelievers will be resurrected to judgment and eternal, conscious torment.

The Gospel Coalition

NEU Church Planting affirms the foundation documents of The Gospel Coalition.