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Planting gospel-centered, 
compassionate churches 
in overlooked areas

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4,000 churches are planted in America every year, but only 2% of those are in poor areas.

We plant churches in overlooked inner cities, bringing the light of Christ to our darkest neighborhoods, so men, women, and children can love and glorify Christ.

The local church is at the center of God’s mission. And God has a special concern for the poor. But church planting in these communities has been neglected.

Churches in these communities are rarely self-sustaining and these communities are cross-cultural for those who didn’t grow up there. So we aren’t just church planters; we’re missionaries in what has been unreached America.

Your gift today allows the great commission to include the inner city too.

We have a plan, we have the team, 
but we can’t do it without you.

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Read 3 Ways to Pray for Inner City Neighborhoods

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Where We Work


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of church plants are in poor neighborhoods


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of families in areas we serve are single parents


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of people in the areas we serve don’t regularly attend church

our Work


Pastoral Apprenticeship

2-year specialized preparation designed for inner city ministry.

Church Planting

Gospel preaching churches are the greatest need of the inner city.

Building Partnerships

Individuals, churches, and organizations are key to sustaining church plants.

Our Vision


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churches to be planted in urban neighborhoods


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Sister Churches to partner with each urban church planted


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church plant missionaries fully supported to serve

What People are Saying

“NEU is reaching into the cracks and crevices of our country that have long been ignored by church planters—the urban pockets of the Northeast. Their work is so inspiring to me and in accord with Jesus’ ‘all-nations’ commission in Matthew 28. As they walk out their gospel-centered, Christ-exalting vision by faith, I am confident we’ll see churches planted and kingdom fruit that will impact generations to come.”

Doug Logan, President of Grimké Seminary

“I love this ministry because the result will be healthy gospel-centered churches in New England’s poorest communities.”

Matthew Spandler-Davison, Executive Director of 20Schemes

“This work is a strategic effort that works in and through churches to accelerate the pace of gospel impact. A worthy Kingdom investment with a high eternal ROI!”

Bob Doll, Former Chief Equity Strategist & Senior Portfolio Manager, Nuveen

Our Partners

Who we are

We believe the greatest mercy for our ravaged inner cities is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Only the gospel has the power to transform lives broken by abuse, violence, addiction, and trauma. We also believe that gospel-minded churches are compassionate and care for the overlooked as Christ did. We have decades of church experience planting, pastoring, and caring for leaders. We understand New England and are constantly growing in our understanding of the inner city. Be sure to read more about our Mission and Vision.


God has a special heart for the poor. And at the center of God’s mission is the local church. Yet the church planting movement of the past 40 years has has failed to plant local churches among the inner city poor. Only 2% of new churches are planted in low-income urban communities. NEU Church Planting is addressing this problem in New England.

God calls us to a spirit of generosity. That’s why NEU is also committed to helping generous givers be good stewards of their wealth as they care for the poor.


At NEU Church Planting, we hire our church plant team members full time. We consider them to be missionaries, supported to work in churches that will never be financially self-sustaining. In this way, we operate like a missions organization. Together, our planters and our support staff work to raise the necessary funds.


Your partnership is essential. Just as missionaries need financial support, so do our planters. But we don’t consider our donors to be human ATM machines. Rather, they are partners who can get to know our planters, attend a vision trip, and watch churches grow. We care that our donors experience the joy of giving.

We also invite churches into our Seven Sisters Church Partnership. For each of our church plants, we seek seven churches who provide prayer, financial support, and personal connections.

We have a plan, we have the team, 
but we can’t do it without you.

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