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Planting a church begins with strong roots.
Tim Zulker
May 9, 2024
You don't need to raise support to help us plant a church. You can join our team as a church member.
Tim Zulker
April 11, 2024
On November 12 Iglesia Cristiana Centrados en el Evangelio was commissioned by Godspeed Church. Godspeed is our partner and the parent church who is officially planting ICCE.
Tim Zulker
November 14, 2023
Todd Rains talks with Tim Zulker about his philosophy of church planting, the question of fit, and sustainable church planting.
Todd Rains
September 19, 2022
Tim Zulker and Todd Rains speak with Morgan Proudfoot about his church planting efforts in New Bedford.
NEU Church Planting Team
July 27, 2022
Thabiti Anyabwile and John Onwuchekwa wrote an opinion piece last year titled "We need a better strategy to plant Black and brown churches."
Todd Rains
June 18, 2022
Hear Matthew Spandler-Davison's talk about the value of a poor person.
Hear Tyler St. Clair about why preaching Christ crucified is not out of step with the needs of the inner-city.
We recommend that you read Matthew Spandler-Davison's article on 20schemes Equip called "How a Healthy Church Offers Hope for the Abused." In it, Spandler-Davison outlines the need for and the potential of churchs to be safe environments for the survivors of abuse.
Todd Rains
April 20, 2022
The resurrection, the renewal of the body in the return of Christ, offers a uniquely better word of hope to survivors of trauma than any vague message of “going to a better place after death” that our culture offers.
Jacob Young
April 14, 2022