Central Falls Church Plant

Iglesia Cristiana Centrados en el Evangelio is thriving as a young church of approximately 35 people. Services are all in Spanish.

About Central Falls

Small City with a Big Personality

Central Falls is a densely populated city of 22,000 in 1.2 square miles adjoining Providence, RI. The community is full of families, young people, Spanish-speakers, and immigrants.

  • 70% of Central Falls residents identify as Hispanic or Latino.

  • The CF school district ranks in the lowest 10% of RI and US schools.

Four Phases

NEU’s Church Planting Process



NEU begins a church plant by identifying a location. This involves many conversations with local pastors, ministry leaders, civic leaders and looking at data.

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The preparation phase begins when a church planter has joined our staff, begins raising support, and starts his church planting residency with NEU and a partner church.

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The planting phase is marked by bringing a group of believers to a point of covenanting together as a church. This may involve months of teaching on the nature of a church, church membership, baptism, communion and church discipline. 

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This final phase begins when a church covenants together and it has no end. NEU Church Planting works to sustain the church and its leadership through fundraising, care, and recruiting.

The Story So Far

During the pandemic, just when we thought church planting would slow to a halt, God connect NEU with Jonathan Lugo, a pastor in Puerto Rico. Jonathan was considering a change in ministry, so we began to talk. 

At the same time, Elizabeth Berry reached out to us from Florida. Her overseas missions team had dissolved due to COVID and she expressed interest in serving with NEU.

By the spring of 2021, the Lugo family and Elizabeth had moved to New England and were serving Central Falls. Friendships were born, a Bible study study started in the Lugos home, and more opportunities to serve the city opened up.

As the Bible study grew, Jonathan began to preach on the Gospel of Mark, to teach on what a church is and what a church member is. 

Through it all, God was drawing hearts to Christ and to one another. By November 2023 a church was born, as seventeen new members covenanted together as believers. 

The church meets on Sunday late afternoons, first for discipleship classes, then for worship and the preaching of the Word. 

We praise God for his grace to this young church!


Our Partners in Central Falls

Individuals, churches, and organizations are key to sustaining church plants. These organizations have partnered with NEU to help with this church plant.

Godspeed Church

Godspeed Church

Godspeed Church, in East Providence, RI, was the mentor church and the planting church for Iglesia Cristiana Centrados en el Evangelio. Godspeed continues to support ICCE.

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Meet the team

Our Church Planting Team

Jonathan Lugo Estrada
Church Plant Pastor
Elizabeth Berry
Church Plant Team Member

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Our Current Needs

  • The current needs for ICCE include mature, Spanish-speaking Christians to help with discipleship. You can serve this church without being a staff worker simply by living and working nearby, being a healthy church member at ICCE, and helping with discipleship and outreach. 
  • ICCE is also looking for a permanent meeting space.