Boston Church Plant

NEU is currently in conversation with local leaders and ministry partners about planting in Boston neighborhoods.

About Dorchester, Roxbury

Rich with History in Every Neighborhood

Bostonians are fiercely loyal to Boston! And for good reason. There’s a lot to love about this city. But for its rich church history, Boston needs more gospel churches. Especially in Roxbury and Dorchester—two neighborhoods often overlooked by church planting.

  • Dorchester is Boston’s largest and most diverse neighborhood: 35% Black, 22% non-Hispanic white, 21% Hispanic, 11% Asian, 11% other.

  • Out of the 123,000 people who live in Dorchester, 43,000 were born outside the US.

Four Phases

NEU’s Church Planting Process



NEU begins a church plant by identifying a location. This involves many conversations with local pastors, ministry leaders, civic leaders and looking at data.

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The preparation phase begins when a church planter has joined our staff, begins raising support, and starts his church planting residency with NEU and a partner church.

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The planting phase is marked by bringing a group of believers to a point of covenanting together as a church. This may involve months of teaching on the nature of a church, church membership, baptism, communion and church discipline. 

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This final phase begins when a church covenants together and it has no end. NEU Church Planting works to sustain the church and its leadership through fundraising, care, and recruiting.

The Story So Far

NEU is grateful for the opportunity to add to the many good things already happening in Boston. Our desire is to be a blessing to the networks, churches, and believers already there by focusing on neighborhoods often under-served by gospel preaching churches.


Our Partners in Dorchester, Roxbury

Individuals, churches, and organizations are key to sustaining church plants. These organizations have partnered with NEU to help with this church plant.

Send Network Boston

Send Network Boston

Partnerships are key in Boston. We are grateful for our partnership with Send Network Boston and their dedicated team. Many years ago we helped John Ames plant West End Community Church in Providence’s inner city. Now John serves with Send Network Boston and is returning the favor by helping NEU plant in Boston.

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Meet the team

Our Church Planting Team

We Are Building the Team

We are working to build a team to plant this church. Our church plant teams are formed of a Church Planter Apprentice along side other missionary minded men and women who will partner to reach the lost of this neighborhood through planting a local church.

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Our Current Needs

The current needs for planting in Boston include

  • a church plant team,
  • a mentor/planting church,
  • and funding for the preparation phase.