Iglesia Cristiana Centrados en el Evangelio

Tim Zulker
November 14, 2023


On November 12 Iglesia Cristiana Centrados en el Evangelio was commissioned by Godspeed Church. Godspeed is our partner and the parent church who is officially planting ICCE.

In a joyfully tearful service, the elders laid hands on Jonathan Lugo and Pastor Luke Harding asked him these questions:  

Luke: “Jonathan: as a pastor of Iglesia Cristiana Centrados en el Evangelio, will you commit to living a life that is above reproach, remaining faithful, temperate, respectable, hospitable, self-controlled, sober, gentle, peaceable, avoiding both greed and the neglect of your family?”

Jonathan: “Through God’s strength, I will.”

Luke: “The apostle Paul said to the elders of Ephesus, “Keep watch over yourselves and all the flock of which the Holy Spirit has made you overseers. Be shepherds of the church of God, which he bought with his own blood (Acts 20:28-29). Jonathan: will you faithfully serve Christ by shepherding the flock that is entrusted to you with love and humility, teaching them the whole counsel of God with diligence and care, praying for their spiritual progress, and equipping them for works of service; and will you seek to bring the saving knowledge of Christ to those who are strangers to his grace?”

Jonathan: “In the power of the Spirit, I will.”

We also prayed over the whole planting team—Jonathan, Tere and Elizabeth, as well as for the Lugo children. Elizabeth and Tere will be deaconesses once the church covenants together this Sunday.

A church is like no other organization on earth. It is more than a group of people with a common purpose. It is an outpost of the kingdom of Heaven, possessing, proclaiming and protecting the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yes, we all are preparing for a wonderful service this coming Sunday, where members covenant together and call their pastor. But even greater is the reality that Christ is continuing to build his church out of his blood-bought people for his own glory. Would you please pray for the first service of this wonderful group of people, that Christ would be glorified in Central Falls, RI. Thank You!

To support NEU and Iglesia Cristiana Centrados en el Evangelio, go to our giving page and choose the  "Central Falls Church Plant" fund.

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