How to Support Church Planters

Tim Zulker
April 11, 2024

Here at NEU, we plant churches in overlooked inner cities, bringing the light of Christ to our darkest neighborhoods, so men, women, and children can love and glorify Christ.

And while not everyone may be called to become a vocational church planter, we believe everyone can embrace church planters. So check out these simple ways you can help support church planters in our mission. 

  • Join a church plant: Consider becoming a healthy, stable church member in a church plant. Joining a fledgling church is a great opportunity to help lead and disciple people who have not heard the gospel, without being on a full time staff team. 
  • Give to a church plant: There are many ways you can give to a church plant. Whether that’s giving of your time, your finances, or your talents to support what God is doing through church planters. 
  • Pray for a church plant: We believe in the power, importance, and transformation of prayer. That’s why prayer warriors who are committed to praying for church plants are deeply valued. 

If you’d like to learn more specific ways to support church planters, we’d love to connect! Reach out to us today:

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