Announcing Elizabeth Berry

Todd Rains
May 15, 2021

This week NEU Church Planting has reached two milestones that represent the mercy of God in providing us with not only a church planter but also the first women's worker for the Central Falls church plant.

We are happy to announce that Elizabeth Berry is joining NEU Church Planting to become a Central Falls Church Plant Team Member as the Women's Worker. This is a big step forward for our work in Central Falls because we are committed to church plants being—among other things—a team effort. And that team is now growing.

Because communities like Central Falls are heavily skewed under 18 and most homes are lead by women, Elizabeth's care for and experience with reaching women and children with the gospel mean she is a great fit for this work.

But care for these communities which has lost grip of God's commitment to local churches loses its potency. We understand that missions are the work of planting churches centered on the gospel preached. Elizabeth shares this commitment and will be a valuable part of our team.

Elizabeth comes to NEU Church Planting with a background of doing cross-cultural missions in dangerous areas of the world. That takes courage and is no less necessary to the work of church planting in New England's urban neighborhoods.

In our work, NEU is looking for missionaries who will plant churches, who know that ministry is cross-cultural, and who understand the work requires full-time funding from outside sources.

So we welcome Elizabeth and praise God for the work he is doing in calling together a team to plant in Central Falls.

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