Speaker Spotlight: Tyler St. Clair

Todd Rains
December 3, 2020

We are really excited that Tyler St. Clair is going to be speaking at our Urban Hope Conference in February on discipling youth in the inner city. Tyler St. Clair is the lead pastor of Cornerstone Church in Detroit. He also serves as the network lead for Church in Hard Places in Acts 29’s U.S. Midwest Network. He is married to Elita and they have five wonderful children together.Since coming to faith, Pastor Tyler has served in a variety of roles and contexts over the years including prison chaplaincy, homeless ministry, youth pastoring, church planting, and as a lead pastor at Cornerstone.

Tyler's Testimony

This video linked below, from September, is the story of how Christ changed his life.

Thumbnail of Tyler's testimony video

Click the image above or here to view Tyler's testimony.

Why Pastor in a Hard Place?

Tyler wrote an article for The Gospel Coalition in 2018 called "When Ministry Is (Way) Harder Than You Expected":

My story is simple. Like our Lord’s parables about the precious pearl and the hidden treasure (Matt. 13:44–46), my wife and I have concluded that his kingdom and glory are worth it all. We’re not heroes. But we do serve one.

See the full article here.

Urban Hope

Tyler will bring a lot of wisdom to the question of discipling youth in the inner city at our conference.Sign up before the end of the year to get an early bird discount.

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