Evangelism: Speaking the Message of Hope | Mez McConnell

Todd Rains
September 3, 2021

We will be re-publishing the talks from our Urban Hope Conference over the next number of weeks. Our first talk is by Mez McConnell.

The talk 'Evangelism: Speaking the Message of Hope' by Mez McConnell was given at the Urban Hope Conference in February 2021.

About the speaker: Mez McConnell is the senior pastor of Niddrie Community Church and Director of 20schemes. Mez is the author of numerous books, including The Creaking on the Stairs: Finding Faith in God Through Childhood Abuse (Christian Focus) and Is There Anybody Out There?: A Journey from Despair to Hope (Christian Focus). He’s married to Miriam and has two daughters. You can follow him on Twitter.

You can watch and listen below.




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