How can I make a donation?

For those who prefer to give online, please visit our secure donations page. It is easy to make both one-time and recurring donations.

Give online

For those who prefer to give by check, checks can be made out to “The Philip Center” (NEU Church Planting’s parent organization) and mailed to 55 Cromwell St. 1C Providence, RI 02907.


Why join our donor family?

If you are burdened by the needs of New England and in particular its inner cities, we would love you to consider joining our donor family. We believe that we are strategically placed to play a significant role in the multiplication of the church in the neediest neighborhoods in our region.

NEU Church Planting is a non-profit ministry and depends on the generous donations of individuals, churches, and organizations who are passionate about gospel outreach and church planting in New England.


Thank you

We are grateful to the many individuals, churches, and organizations who invest in this crucial work. You are our donor “family.” Thank you for your faithful and generous support. Your gifts enable vibrant and ongoing gospel growth in this part of the world.