The work of church planting can be full of things like pastoral assessments, philosophy of ministry, and theological training. But it also includes a lot of on-the-ground ministry: personal evangelism, caring for the needy, and English language teaching.

As Summer OFF kicks off at the end of June, we are thrilled to engage with kids and neighborhoods again for our 12th year. It’s very much an on-the-ground part of what we do. And this year will be like no other! We’ve worked hard with the city of Providence to create “Summer OFF On-The-Go.” This means that instead of being with large groups of kids for three hours, we will be with small groups of kids for short times, and then handing them their own “Summer OFF On-The-Go” bags. These bags will be full of crafts, resources, and gospel materials, some of which will link to videos hosted on our Facebook page. The kids will take the bags home and enjoy them there.

With this format, we are assembling more materials than ever. So we’re asking if you’d help us with the bags. We have a wish list of materials on Amazon that will go in the bags. They are not expensive items—most are well under $25.00. Once in your cart as a gift, you’ll have the option to send it directly to the NEU office. Those items will be packed into the bags for the kids (with all the health protocols in place!).

Many individuals and churches will not be with us in the parks this summer, which is wise. But this is one way many of you can help us in a concrete way. We’re excited about reaching even more kids this summer with the good news about Jesus. We’d love to have you join us in this way!


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