Our Urban Hope Conference just ended. Here is a list of books we recommend from our speakers and workshop leaders.


Sharon Dickens, Unexceptional

D.A. Horton, Intensional: Kingdom Ethnicity in a Divided World

D.A. Horton, Enter the Ring: Fighting Together for a Gospel-Saturated Marriage

D.A. Horton, DNA: Foundations of the Faith

D.A. Horton, G.O.S.P.E.L

Doug Logan, On The Block

Mez McConnell, Church in Hard Places

Mez McConnell, Is Anybody Out There?

Mez McConnell, The Creaking on The Stairs

Tony Merida, The Christ-Centered Expositor

Tony Merida, Christ-Centered Conflict Resolution

Tony Merida, Ordinary: How to Turn the World Upside Down

Tony Merida, Faithful Preaching


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