Vision Trips

We’d love for you to be a part of the story here in New England. Vision trips give you an opportunity to meet the people planting churches, to see the parks ministry, and to pray for the neighborhoods in the neighborhoods.

Vision trips are designed for church leaders, friends of NEU Church Planting and anyone who wants to learn more. If you are coming as a church leader, we encourage two leaders from a church to come together. That way you will be able to share your experience with one another, and also share it well with the rest of your church.

I heard such wonderful things about the Summer OFF program from our Youth Pastor that I wanted to take a trip up to Rhode Island to check it out for myself. I was so glad I did!

– Lara Holt, former Global Outreach Coordinator, Stone Hill Church, Princeton, NJ

Join Our Work

Here are the kind of people we need to help plant churches in Urban New England:

Summer OFF Interns

The city of Providence, Rhode Island, serves free lunches in the summer to anyone under 18. Summer OFF is designed to complement the city lunch program with games, crafts, puppets, sports and the good news about Jesus. What started as a one-week outreach project, developed into a thriving summer ministry that includes over ten churches serving enthusiastically in 4 parks in Providence.

The goals of Summer OFF are:

  1. to equip Christians for a lifetime of outreach,
  2. to reach out in love with the Gospel of Jesus Christ,
  3. to lay a foundation for church planting in the neighborhoods in which we serve.

As a Summer OFF  intern you will assist park ministry leaders, and in some cases be a team leader. You’ll need to be willing to jump in and work as needed alongside church teams.  As the summer goes on, you will take more responsibility in the parks.

You’ll also have an opportunity to see inner city church ministry up close. You’ll participate in the church life of Faith Community Church, and have the opportunity to visit other city churches as well.

As an intern you’ll also learn and be encouraged to grow. You’ll be assigned reading, be involved in Bible study with others, and will likely do research on ministry in the urban neighborhoods.

We’ve designed the internship to be full of meaningful service, and full of opportunities to grow.

Ministry Interns

NEU and Summer OFF ministry interns are very important to our work. You are more than just a worker to us. We plan for you to work hard, grow deeper in Christ (through our discipleship and education plan), and enjoy making new friends.

Some ways you may be able to serve as an intern include:

  • working alongside the Summer OFF director as her associate
  • working as a pastoral intern in a city church
  • assisting the director of NEU in many facets of the entire ministry
  • working on special media projects
  • developing a youth ministry in a church plant

If you are interested in serving as an intern for a year, please contact us. We’d love to talk with you.

Church Plant Team Members

Healthy church plants begin with a team, not a solo church planter. Therefore we seek to put team members together who can address the needs of a new neighborhood church. Those may include a woman who can reach women in the community, a youth or children’s worker, a men’s ministry worker, a worship leader and more.

Decisions about the make-up of a team will be made with the director of NEU Church Planting and the lead church planter. In some cases the planter may have team members in mind, or even come to NEU with a team already praying about planting. In other cases, the director or other core team members may play the primary role in putting together a team.

Church plant team members do not need to do a one-year apprenticeship before applying to serve with NEU long-term. They will be provided with robust training and education, as needed, in the first two years at a minimum. They are required to attend Support Raising Solutions Bootcamp for two days.

All church plant team members will live in the neighborhood of their church plant.

Church Planter

Ideally, a church planter would be indigenous to a neighborhood he plants in. That means he will be a cultural insider, and he will draw to the church those most like him. But it’s not often possible to find such a planter.

So for those not from the neighborhood, we are looking for missionaries who will plant churches, not church planters. Missionaries who plant churches embrace two important issues: cross-cultural ministry and fundraising.

Church planters and all church plant team members will live in the neighborhood their church is planted in. This is crucial for fruitful everyday ministry.

If you are interested in being a church planting missionary-pastor, we would love to talk with you. This is both a challenging and a rewarding ministry. And there are more details to discuss than we can put in writing.


  • Phase 1: Complete the Pastoral Apprenticeship Application (available in English or Spanish)
  • Phase 2: Raise your support
  • Phase 3: 1 Year Apprenticeship
  • Phase 4: Assessment through Acts29/CiHP
  • Phase 5: Training, Prep and Launch
  • Phase 6: Ongoing Care and Coaching

Support Staff

Our support staff makes the whole ministry work from our home base in
Providence, RI. From time to time we have new needs or job openings.
These may be administrative, media related, operational or direct
ministry positions. If you are interested, please contact us.