More than any other partner, 20schemes serves as a model for NEU Church Planting. Similarities include most of our theological convictions, our philosophy of ministry (in particular our common approach toward the gospel, poverty, and mercy ministry). We differ from 20schemes in that ministry in Scotland’s schemes does not involve as much racial diversity as does ministry in the US. Nevertheless, we are grateful for the lessons and help from our older sibling in the ministry.

Church in Hard Places/Acts 29

CiHP is an initiative of Acts 29. Led by Doug Logan and Matthew Spandler-Davison, they are “a resource sharing collaborative that trains and supports indigenous church leaders in poor communities.” We are thankful to be a ministry “friend” of CiHP/Acts 29 (we are not a member). We use the assessment and training resources of CiHP. You as a church planter may choose to become an Acts 29 church or not.


Providence, RI—the home base of NEU Church Planting—is a summer ministry destination of Cru (formerly Campus Crusade for Christ). Through the Providence Summer Mission college students from across the US can choose to serve Summer OFF, while also working part-time in the area.

Godspeed Church

Godspeed Church was the launchpad for Summer OFF for many years. They have also supported the work of church planting in urban neighborhoods. Godspeed is one location for pastoral apprenticeships.

Faith Community Church

FCC is the first church plant we helped launch (as West End Community Church). FCC grew out of Summer OFF’s Dexter Park ministry, and out of John Ames’ call from God as a ministry worker in Boston. FCC serves NEU Church Planting as a valuable and trusted mentor in fruitful inner-city church life. FCC is also one location for pastoral apprenticeships.

Charles Simeon Trust

NEU is thankful for a growing friendship with CST. As church planters seek to grow as preachers, we direct them to the training resources of CST, which trains men as expository preachers and women as expository Bible teachers.

Grimke Seminary

Building on the legacy of Dr. Francis Grimké (born to a slaveholder and his slave), Grimké Seminary is a diverse seminary devoted to training pastors and church planters for the advance of the gospel, the good of the world, and the glory of Christ. Grimké Seminary allows the student to remain in his context while training for the pastorate. He will be mentored by a local pastor and travel to Richmond, VA for three days of classes, twice each semester. Grimké is a seminary of Acts 29 and affirms the foundation documents of The Gospel Coalition.