“Around 6 years ago Mez McConnell and I launched 20schemes. We are committed to seeing healthy churches planted in Scotland’s poorest communities. From the very beginning of our ministry, Tim and Rich of The Philip Center have supported us in that work. I have come to know these men and the work of The Philip Center a great deal since then. If you care about New England, if you are committed to seeing healthy churches there, and if you have a heart for engaging the poor with the gospel then I can think of few other ministries as strategic and as effective at reaching into some of New England’s poorest communities than The Philip Center. They are gospel-centered, driven by a passion for the local church, and have proven effectiveness at ministering to some of the hardest places in New England. I love this ministry and long to see it flourish and grow because the result will be healthy gospel-centered churches in New England’s poorest communities.”

—Matthew Spandler-Davison, Executive Director, 20Schemes

“In the harsh spiritual climate of New England, The Philip Center has been an enduring, strong, and steady light. I am thankful for their caring and biblical insight into how the gospel flourishes here. The Lord is using them to plant hope in a stony ground.”

—Chap Bettis, author, The Disciple-Making Parent, Founder and Director, The Apollos Project

“I heard such wonderful things about the Summer OFF program from our Youth Pastor that I wanted to take a trip up to Rhode Island to check it out for myself. I was so glad I did!”

—Lara Holt, Global Outreach Coordinator, Stone Hill Church, Princeton, NJ

“Under Tim Zulker’s focused, patient and Christ-honoring leadership, this work is a strategic effort that works in and through churches to accelerate the pace of gospel impact. A worthy Kingdom investment with a high eternal ROI!”

—Bob Doll, CFA, Chief Equity Strategist & Senior Portfolio Manager, Nuveen